Help Is On The Way Ministries

P.O. Box 360264
Milpitas, CA 95036
Contact: (510)299-7032
Africa: 233-544-717-852 


Our Vision

To be a safe-haven for the less fortunate in our society.

Our Mission

Through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Help is on the Way Ministries was established to provide help in four areas:


  • Eye care - Once or twice a year, eye care professionals volunteer their time and talents. They travel to Ghana to provide eye  care services, free of charge. They also obtain corporate contributions of medical supplies and equipment for donation and use in Ghanaian hospitals and clinics.


  • Gospel Concerts
  • Church Revivals
  • Preaching Engagements
  • Faith-based Counseling


  • Village Water System Development  - The small, rural community of Likpe-Abrani in the Hohoe district of the Volta region has been identified as a focus for water system development.


  • Human Services - Continue to provide monetary support to struggling single mothers.
  • Scholarship - Sponsorship of education aid for the less fortunate.