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Prompt One


(by Sarah Karlen)


Growing up, I saw my dad leave our family countless times every year. Every time he left, my heart ached because I was too young to understand the importance of his trips. As I got older, my father explained to me that every year he went on medical missions to Pakistan, Ghana, and China to help correct people’s vision. I was amazed and proud that my dad was so selfless and giving. I became inspired by his medical missions, and wanted to also make a change in this world.

Finally, one summer before my sophomore year, my dad decided to take my sister and me to Ghana with him.  I was so anxious because I had no idea how I would be helpful, because I was not a doctor of any sort. The first couple days in Ghana, I worked in the eye clinic; filing all the papers and helping the patients get situated. The work seemed pretty tedious and I did not feel that helpful or satisfied, so I asked my dad if I could work in an orphanage because I adore children.

After finding an orphanage and talking to the father in charge, I nervously headed to S.O.S orphanage. As I stepped through the door, I was bombarded with children. I instantly felt at home, and was touched by how happy the kids were to see me.  Over the next few weeks, I taught all the younger kids how to do simple mathematic problems, such as division and multiplication. All the children were so excited to read stories to me, so I listened to each one of their stories, and helped them sound out the words they could not read. 
The more I went to the orphanage, the more it made me realize how amazing my life is.  I never realized how grateful I should be that I have a home, and that my city has paved roads and suitable drinking water. The children inspired me in so many ways, and changed my views of the world. These kids taught me how to appreciate every little thing I have and to give back to my community. The moment I came home from this trip, I started saving money and finding everything I could to donate to this wonderful orphanage. 
I was surprised because when I came back to the S.O.S orphanage before my senior year, all the children still remembered who I was, and showed me all the toys and supplies that I donated. They seemed genuinely grateful, and the smiles on their faces gave me such a satisfied feeling.  This experience has truly shaped me as a person, and I grew so much from these children.

Seeing and hearing all the children’s stories inspired me to want to be a journalist so readers can see beyond their own lives. I want to be able to be their voice, and make sure all these children get heard. Ultimately, I want to raise money, and make other communities more aware of the atrocities happening around the world. People should know that there are orphanages in need of school supplies, and decent food. Overall, having the opportunity to use my skills for writing to benefit our community would be phenomenal.