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"the forgotten"


Imagine being a parentless child. Imagine being homeless.  Imagine being hungry all the time...You're lonely.  You feel neglected and abandoned.  You have but one identity...

You're an orphan.

Known in Africa as "the forgotten", many children who have lost their parents have also lost their hope. The needs of such children have overwhelmed welfare organizations.

Adwoa Yeboah-Marfo founded Marfo Childern Care Foundation (MCCF) to love and care for the fatherless and motherless children that had the same eyes of anxiety, pain and fear that her kids had after their father passed. She is led everyday to provide hope and support to orphans and instill in them the belief that they can still make it in life no matter thier situations.

MCCF's mission is to offer family-based Christian homes to orphan children, providing them with spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth and support. The first of these homes has begun in Adwoa's private residence where she currently lives.

MCCF has 11 amazing children (5 boys and 6 girls). They come from diverse backgrounds but all shared one thing in common; they were deprived but not anymore!

With faith, prayer and guidance from God Adwoa intends to transform the orphans she is blessed with into responsible and contributing citizens of their community. Adwoa is focussed on making the impossible possible for the least likely in her society.

Any support, either financial or material, will be recieved humbly and gratefully.






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