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The Heavens Shined on Ghana, West Africa

by Cassandra Juniel
We see a day:
When short-term mission trips are organized and launched from Mount Calvary Baptist Church to share the love of God and the Gospel by ministering to the felt needs of those in foreign countries . . .
That day was realized when a total of 20 individuals traveled for 17 hours to Ghana, West Africa, March 19, 2011. Five churches partnered with the leading organization, “Help Is on the Way Ministries” (HIOTWM), under the leadership of the Founder and President, Min. Charles Narh, which included: Mount Calvary Baptist Church of Fairfield; Mt. Zion Baptist Church and Second Baptist Church , both of Redwood City ; Pilgrim Baptist Church of San Mateo; and, His Gospel Christian Fellowship of Oakland.
Fourteen days of ministry outreach efforts consisted of meeting the villagers where their needs were for water, food, health care and educational supplies, with focus in supporting the provision of potable water, local orphan­ages and eye clinics.
Min. Tony Adams, the Evangelism/Mission Division leader, spoke of Ghana being full of God’s love. “ Ghana , in its poverty was rich through God’s kindness that glimmered as we got off of the airplane. The kindness of the villag­ers overflowed, out of the abundance of their poverty. We were treated like royalty in a country in poverty,” Min. Ad­ams said.
Min. Adams continued to say, “God gets the glory in Gha­na . What was seen there was surreal. It is an experience everyone needs to take in their lifetime.”
The first Sunday of the trip, the missionaries worshipped at the New Hope Resurrection Power Ministry Church , under the leadership of the Rev. Nicholas Asamoah Frim Pong, Pastor.
“During their offering time, the Holy Spirit was present and people ‘ran and danced’ to give their money,” Min. Adams said. He continued to say, “ Ghana is an area where peo­ple worship God publically in all manners -- advertising on cars, clothing, buildings (i.e., Jesus Is King Barber Shop) and posters. It’s evident everywhere that people are on fire for the Lord.”
The 2011 missions trip was similar to the one taken in 2006, yet included a five-day Revival, themed “Don’t Wor­ry, Rejoice in the Lord,” taking place at the Tema Joint Church, where the Rev. Yaw Danso is the Pastor. Many of the villagers looked forward to the Revival.
“Posters were placed in all areas of Ghana in anticipation of the Revival,” Min. Adams said. “The villagers are worship­pers of the Lord and anticipated a great time during our stay. It was a time of God using Mount Calvary and others to His glory as everywhere we went, we shared the Gospel message,” he said.
The Revival included Bible study and educational sessions daily, with the Spoken Word preached nightly.
“A message I preached was titled, ‘He’s Able’ (Ephesians 3:20-21), drew many for prayer,” Min. Adams said. Other local ministers brought a Message, as well as Evangelist Narh.
On the last night, there was a laying of hands and anoint­ing of oil of over 200 individuals, as well as prayer spoken over the entire country.
Evangelist Narh, who travels to Ghana annually, served as the leader and guide for the March trip and shared key focus areas for the mission’s trip.
“Our trips are annual and they only use to pertain to medi­cal needs. We now do two trips annually (including one in July) consisting of a Gospel/spiritual mission, a review of water projects, participation in and dedication of the water projects, and service needs. This one was a Gospel/spir­itual mission,” Evangelist Narh said.
Both Evangelist Narh and Min. Adams expressed that the water wells put in place in the remote village of Tokuroano in 2006 were revisited, insuring the wells continued to be in working order.
“That project is complete and there now exist an improved potable water system, serving thousands of people in the community of Tokuroano,” Evangelist Narh said. Other water wells (Likpe-Abrani Water Project) were dedi­cated, as well as those in Tokuroano.
Having the availability of clean water now means better crops for farmers and healthier animals for ranchers; clean water for villagers now means better sanitation, less to no diseases in order that people can live, flourish and thrive.
Bro. Steven Brown, who also traveled to Ghana , shared the importance of potable water being readily accessible
and available in the villages through a vil­lage Elder.
“The Elder said, ‘It means we will no longer lose our chil­dren.’ Children were responsi­ble for retriev­ing water from the river sev­eral times a day for their families, making them vulnerable to attacks by snakes or getting caught up in powerful water currents and being swept away,” Bro. Brown said.
Other focus areas included support for a local orphanage and eye clinic and meeting people where their needs are in the areas of water, food, health care and educational supplies.
Dr. Alan and Sis. Tina Werblin also had the opportunity to extend a helping hand in Ghana . Dr. Werblin is a General Practitioner and although he did more fact finding in the beginning as it regarded the clinics in the villages (Tokuro­ano), assessment was made in order to get the clinic op­erating.
“Initially, I wasn’t sure what area of involvement I needed to participate in, yet after speaking with Evangelist Narh, it was confirmed that I should help in the area of clinic work,” Dr. Werblin said.
Dr. Werblin is skilled in playing Christian songs on the har­monica, which he did for the villagers. He said, “I plan to bring back at least 100 with me and teach them how to play when I return.”
Sis. Werblin shared how she saw the power of the Holy Spirit work within their group. “I watched each individ­ual yield to the Holy Spirit – not put their agenda first. I watched the group collectively yield to Him for guidance – to follow the leadership of Evangelist Narh. It’s a miracle to see people want to decrease so the Holy Spirit could increase. Otherwise, it could have been chaotic,” Sis. Wer­blin said.
Miracles, blessings and healings manifested amongst the villagers. Bro. Brown shared his experience of receiving a miracle while attending the revival.
He said, “I sat in the front row of the education session and miraculously, I began to sing praises at a high level and ever since that time, I’ve continued to sing. I’m just making a joyful noise for the Lord.”
The trip to Ghana was more than a vacation, as spoken by Evangelist Narh.
“I strongly believe this trip as more than a vacation – you have to know in your mind that it’s a mission. Somewhere on this trip, something happens to you as an individual. There is no way you can take this trip and your emotions not be affected,” Evangelist Narh said.
Overwhelming, deep emotions were felt by the travelers who visited, and experienced in their minds, the Elmina Castle in Cape Coast, Ghana (the first European slave-trading post), which acted as a depot where slaves were bought in bartering fashion from local African chiefs and kings. The slaves were held captive in the castle before exiting through the castle’s infamous “Door of No Return;” It’s said, no man can pass through without feeling the deep emotions of the slaves that were captive and exited through the “Door of No Return.” (
Tugging at their hearts also were the orphanages in Tema.
“Hundreds of orphans have been abandoned in Ghana as many people abandon their children because they cannot afford them,” Min. Adams said.
As well, visitation was made at the Christian Eye Clinic (Dr. Narh works at the eye clinic and they were blessed to have received eye surgery equipment donated to them from Kaiser Permanente).
In all, Evangelist Narh considers the mission’s trip another success and opportunity to enhance the next one. ”We can do more if we come back together and streamline what we want to do,” he said.
“In the meantime, utmost praise goes out to Mount Cal­vary Baptist Church and Dr. Lea who’ve been very sup­portive. They are my ‘template’ for getting things done,” Evangelist Narh said.
Min. Adams expressed his gratitude to Dr. Lea and others as well. “I wish to extend a special thank you to my Pas­tor, Dr. Claybon Lea, Jr., for his support for our division; to Bro. Elton Hutchison for his help in supporting ‘Help Is On The Way Ministries,’ and our division; to Bro. Steven and Sis. Carol Brown for organizing the trip on behalf of our church; to Bro. Johnicon George for all of his help by which I could not have made it without him; and, to all of those from our church who traveled, which I call, ‘Team Ghana,’” Adams said.
Team Ghana : Donald and Beverly Dupree; Steven and Carol Brown; Dr. Alan and Tina Werblin; Roy and Marika Smally; Wenda Stuward; and, Johnicon George, Sr.