Help Is On The Way Ministries

P.O. Box 360264
Milpitas, CA 95036
Contact: (510)299-7032
Africa: 233-544-717-852 



Medical Volunteers    


"By the end of the trip we were always grateful to have played a part in such a cause as restoring sight. It was the combination of the medical and the wonderful hospitality of the people that made me realize that I would return again and again."



Carol A. Munch, M.D.


Kris  Karlen, M.D.


Hang Ly, M.D.


Robert Burns, O.D.

Emil Louie, O.D.


Evangelist Charles Narh, (DCM,FBDO,OT)



Raymond Chou,

Bio Med Engineer

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The people involved with HIOTWM are all volunteers.  They currently pay all their traveling expenses in addition to volunteering their time.  These expenses include airfare, hotels, meals, transportation and essential surgical supplies for the missions.