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Restoring sight to the blind

In Ghana much of the blindness is curable by surgery.  There are only 40 ophthalmologists serving 20 million people.  The need is overwhelming.

People travel for days because they hear something (more)

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Dear Doctor Kris,
I am happy to write to you. My name is Rose Dadson. (more)


"We need water!"

- Village of Likpe-Abrani, Ghana

Water is as basic to our human needs as the air we breathe. In much of Africa this life sustaining need is not met with success.

The villages in Ghana (more)


"the forgotten"

Imagine being a parentless child. Imagine being homeless.  Imagine being hungry all the time...You're lonely.  You feel neglected and abandoned.  You have but one identity..(more)

The Trip That Changed Lives  

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Spiritual Revival

Where there is no Gospel (Goodnews), the people perish.  Most of what we do is driven by the goodnews of the Bible.  Jesus healed the sick, fed 5,000 and gave sight to the blind. Jesus loved the little children of the world. Jesus came to set the Captives free.  For all who are heavily burdened, He gives rest.

The Heavens Shined on Ghana, West Africa  - a personal account of the March 2011 trip to Ghana written by Cassandra Juniel